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About Us

Allied Automotive Specialties LLC was founded by Matthew Mueller and Brandon Gillette in 2015. Our mission is to fix every vehicle to the proper working condition in a clean and professional environment, using the proper tools and equipment to repair our client's vehicles so that you are happy and satisfied with the service that was performed. We want you to have the trust and confidence in us that you are being treated honestly and fairly.

Our Services

We offer many services, if you don't see what you need or have a question contact us!


keeping your car in great condition is crucial and can avoid future problems. Here at allied automotive we can perform all basic maintenance recommended by your vehicle manufacturer.

Major Repairs

Whether your vehicle needs a rebuild, new engine, or transmission, or both. We can help you find the right parts along with our great service to get the job done.


From check engine lights to drivability concerns, or strange noises. We can help you pinpoint the problem and get your vehicle back in tip top shape.

Minor Repairs

suspension and steering repairs, Brakes, waterpumps, starters, and everything in between. If your not sure, call us!


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